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DIY paternity test results are not admissible court

Private, DIY paternity test results are not admissible in court. Legal DNA testing is required if a judge orders them. Examples of why a judge might order a paternity test to add a parent to a child’s birth certificate, add a child to a parent’s health insurance, establish child support or custody.

How long does mobile DNA paternity testing take in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and greater DFW area?

Once the parties involved have had their mobile DNA samples collected, results are delivered in as little as 2 to 3 days.

How do our mobile DNA test results satisfy a court order to establish paternity or child support?

While our paternity test process is similar to diy paternity test procedures, our legal DNA testing is AABB accredited.

Is there a blood test required for legal paternity testing?

No. We collect DNA samples using a simple swab method from the inside of the mouth around the gums.

How does Mobile DNA Services collect a sample from people?

We come to your home or office and gather a small swab from inside the mouth.

Can you come to my home or office to take the sample?

Yes. We send professionals to your home or office to collect samples discretely and quickly. We have same day appointments available in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the greater DFW area.

Are your DNA paternity test results accurate?

Your test results are then sent to you as an inclusion or exclusion in addition to a case narrative as well as a guarantee of accuracy.

Who are my results shared with?

While legal DNA test results are only shared with the parties involved like DIY paternity test results, our tests are sufficient for legal matters.

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